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Salted meat

Salted meat

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Description of the carne salada production process: Topside of selected beef. After the salting period it is vacuum packed

Carne salada is a real institution for Trentino cuisine. Especially in the southern area of ​​Trentino, where it is a real totem. Usually the rump, the tip of the hip or the part of the girello is used for its preparation. That is the posterolateral portion of the thigh muscles. All then seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, bay leaf and juniper berries.

The whole thing was then left to rest in yesterday's terracotta and today's steel containers, so as to avoid drafts, for about twenty days. It all stemmed from this, from the need in other times to preserve meat for a certain amount of time without refrigerators. In past centuries, when Trentino was still an Episcopal Principality, the Prince-Bishop Bernardo Clesio imposed a duty on meat passing through these areas. That is, a fifth of the cattle passing through the area had to be slaughtered and sold in Trentino. Hence the need to preserve the meat, so much so that already in the fifteenth century in a manuscript by Martino de Rubei we already speak of "carne salada".

And how is carne salada tasted today? Surely now you can eat twelve months a year, given that there are delicious recipes to prepare both in winter and in summer. Remaining faithful to the most authentic tradition, this is how it is served. As a single dish, accompanied by "fasoi enbronzon", i.e. the traditional borlotti beans. Otherwise, alongside carne salada and fasoi, “tortel di patate” is often served, another traditional Trentino dish.

Easily, however, the carne salada is also used as an appetizer, served with mushrooms or cheese. In recent years, finger food has led to an evolution of these choices. Opting for the creation of tasty appetizers based on salted meat and cheese mousse, so as to enhance the flavor.

Type of meat: Selected topside beef Punta d'Anca of EU and non-EU origin

Formats: half vacuum packed, minimum guaranteed weight approx. 2 kg

Ingredients: Beef, salt, glucose syrup Sugars: dextrose, sucrose; Vegetable fibers, spices Antioxidant: E301; Preservative: E250, E252


Allergens: Gluten: NO GMOs: NO Allergens: NO

Nutritional characteristics per 100 g : Kcal/kjoule 115/480 Fats 2.9 of which saturated 0.7 Carbohydrates 0 of which sugars 0 Protein 21 Salt 3.6

Organoleptic characteristics: Colour: ruby ​​red. Taste: delicate taste. Consistency: compact.

Conservation : store in the fridge at +0°C+2°C

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