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Sliced ​​smoked loin (350g)

Sliced ​​smoked loin (350g)

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Selected pork loin from Europe. After the salting period, it is cooked and then lightly smoked.

When we talk about smoked cooked loin we are talking about one of the most traditional flavors of Trentino. Of a dish that has existed since time immemorial on Trentino tables. Capable of gaining an important place in the world of mountain food and wine, thanks to its strong and easily recognizable flavour. We are talking about a piece of meat that comes from the thigh of selected pigs, born and raised in Europe.

There are two variants above all: with or without bone. It depends on your tastes and habits. For the realization of the smoked cooked loin, as mentioned, the rear part of the pig is used, attached to the ribs. Once cut and cleaned, this piece of meat is cured in the special brine with salt, spices and herbs. After three days spent in brine it is placed on special grills and cooked in the oven. Finally it is smoked.

Smoked cooked loin

Then we move on to steam cooking, the last step before being able to place the product on the market. The Trentino tradition calls for smoked cooked loin served on the table together with sauerkraut. Mixed together they make up a particularly traditional dish. Just as strongly linked to tradition is the single dish consisting of loin, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Even if now the world of Trentino gastronomy also has various "alternatives". Reinventing its use in the kitchen a bit. Compared to tradition, for example, some recipes want it cut into thin slices and served accompanied by particularly tasty cheeses.

Or served on, for example, hot croutons in mini portions. Also in this case served with creams or spreadable cheeses. Overall, this smoked cooked loin is a product that can tickle the imagination of chefs and cooking enthusiasts thanks to its flavor and versatility. For a product that ranges from the most authentic tradition of pairing with sauerkraut to the most modern and innovative reinterpretations.

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