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Speck flakes (500g)

Speck flakes (500g)

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Description of the production process speck flake: sectioned pork rump, from the European Union. After the boning and the salting period, it is smoked and finally seasoned

The speck flake is obtained using the central part of the pork leg. It is a slice of meat with no fat or rind, a product with a more delicate flavor than traditional speck. It is a product made with selected meats, boned and trimmed of excess fat. Then we move on to the salting phase, mixing salt and natural flavourings, before massaging the pieces of meat one at a time in the tanks filled with brine.

The speck flake will then rest for about twenty days, being however massaged and turned manually at least twice a week so as to allow a uniform distribution of salt and flavourings. After the salting phase, the product is then bagged and transported to the smoking cell. Where the seasoning with beech wood ensures the final product an inimitable taste and aroma. It is an ideal cured meat for an appetizer or for a snack. Perfect to serve on warm croutons or accompanied by cheeses and creams.

The speck flake

Otherwise it can be used to serve cold together with a second course or with vegetables. Such as a salad or cabbage. The speck flake represents a rather versatile cured meat. Because it can be used in different ways to organize lunches or dinners. Or you can serve it as a tasty appetizer, for a snack in which hunger is satisfied with quality products. In general, the speck flake has a very intense and easily recognizable taste.

Not as "strong" as that of traditional speck. But still particularly satisfying for those palates looking for strong flavors. Served cold, then, the speck flake is particularly suitable for the summer period. In which the speck flake on bread or with croutons finds the perfect base to enhance its flavour.


Type of meat: Meat from the European Community

Ingredients: Pork, salt, spices and garlic. Sugars: sucrose, dextrose. Preservatives E250,E251. Antioxidants: E301

Allergens: Gluten: NO GMOs: NO Allergens: NO

Nutritional characteristics per 100 g : Kjoule /Kcal: 739/177; Fats (gr): 5.7; of which saturated (9r): 1.9; Carbohydrates (gr): 0.2; of which sugars (9 gr): 0.2; Proteins (gr): 31; Salt (gr): 4.3

Organoleptic characteristics: Colour: dark red. Taste: delicate, slightly smoky taste. Consistency: compact.

Storage : Store in the fridge at 4°C

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