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Venison Lucanica (180g)

Venison Lucanica (180g)

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Description of the roe deer lucanica production process: Seasoned roe deer and pork lucanica, obtained with a mixture of selected meats that are minced, salted and aged for about four weeks

Roe deer lucanica is one of the most popular variants of our lucaniche. It is a cured pork sausage mixed with roe deer, a cured meat with a delicate taste, spiced thanks to the hints of pepper and garlic, with a pleasant and characteristic aroma of roe deer game. Preparing lucanica is a process that has been going on for a long time and with the utmost respect for tradition.

Always focusing on the quality of raw materials, on the absence of condiments or additions that are not completely natural. Because after receiving the raw material, it is stored in a refrigerated cell, minced and properly prepared. Then we move on to kneading, cleaning the casings, drying and natural bagging, before being packaged. Roe deer lucanica represents a pleasant variation for those looking for a different, more original taste.


Type: Seasoned Lucanica of roe deer and pork, obtained with a mixture of national pork and selected roe deer, minced, salted and seasoned for about four weeks

Ingredients: Pork, venison, salt, spices, garlic. Sugars: dextrose, sucrose, fructose. Preservatives: E250, E252

Allergens: Gluten: NO GMOs: NO Allergens: NO

Nutritional characteristics per 100 g : Kcal/kjoule 388/1625 Fats 32 of which saturated 11 Carbohydrates 0.0 of which sugars 0.0 Proteins 21 Salt 3.5

Organoleptic characteristics: Colour: coarse-grained ruby ​​red and white mixture. Taste typical of cured salami, tasty.

Storage: keep in a cool place or in the fridge

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