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Stewed cooked bacon (400g)

Stewed cooked bacon (400g)

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Description of the stewed bacon production process: Selected pork belly. After the salting period it is cooked and then lightly smoked

Stewed bacon, like the smoked "sister", is another of those flavors that have long found space on Trentino tables. A cured meat that, over the years, has managed to evolve becoming, thanks to its sweet and delicate flavour, excellent as even unusual combinations. But where does Trentino smoked bacon come from? And how is it prepared? Let's start with the choice of raw materials. That is, from the use of pork belly. Obtained only from pigs raised in Italy and respecting high quality standards.

After cutting, the pork bacon is immersed in herbs, spices, salt, ground pepper and juniper berries. The cured meat remains in this brine for at least two weeks. A period in which the product is often shot. Thus managing to massage each part of it in an almost identical way, thus allowing a uniform salting. After this phase, the product is then dried and steamed, thanks to the use of different types of wood which give a different aroma to the cured meat.

The stewed bacon

Then there are several variations, which see the bacon cooked, boiled or also made seasoned. The smoked version is the one with the longest tradition in Trentino cuisine. Since in past centuries it was a real necessity to keep meat for as long as possible. And the smoking process guaranteed just that. Once upon a time it was then served like this, practically as a single dish. But then things inevitably changed over time. And today, even the version of stewed bacon has been able to carve out its own leading role in Trentino cuisine.

This is because thanks to its own flavor it can be used to give another taste to different dishes. From the first courses, where crumbled into the dough it gives it an intriguing flavour, also appreciated in the "Amatriciana" version. Without forgetting soups, another dish in which it can be crumbled for flavour. In the second course, it is often served with sauerkraut and other traditional dishes.


Type of meat: Meat from the European Community.

Formats: vacuum packed in slices

Ingredients: Pork, salt. Sugars: dextrose, sucrose. Flavors: spice extracts; Stabilizers: E450, Antioxidants: E301; Preservatives: E250

Allergens: Gluten: NO GMOs: NO Allergens: NO

Nutritional characteristics per 100 g : kjoule/Kcal: 1161/277 Fat (gr):23; of which saturated (gr):8.6; Carbohydrates (gr):2.1; of which sugars 1.7; Protein 14; Salt 2.7

Organoleptic characteristics: Colour: pink lean part and white fat. Taste: smoky and savory taste. Consistency: compact.

Conservation : keep in the fridge.

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