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Baked speck ham

Baked speck ham

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Description of the cooked speck production process: Selected pork leg ham. After the salting period it is cooked and then lightly smoked

Cooked speck is a tasty variation on traditional speck. A slightly different flavor compared to the more traditional smoked salami. A more delicate flavour, but always maintaining a strong territorial connotation with our region. Overall it is a lighter product than the traditional speck. Made without gluten sources, without milk derivatives or added polyphosphates.

How is the preparation different from the traditional speck? In a few things, given that the basic principles are always the same. Those of using quality meat and products, excellent cuts of pork leg. And following a preparation strongly linked to Trentino traditions. Pork leg which, unlike traditional speck, is cooked before being left to rest, following the traditional Alpine recipe. Once the pork has been boned and made flat, the product is cured in brine.

The cooked speck

Where the pig rests for three days. At that point, removed from the brine, the pork is sprinkled with coriander and bay leaves. Pressed between two grids, so as to leave it the traditional flat shape, it is then cooked. Once dried at 40 degrees for an hour, it is smoked for another hour and a half at 50 degrees before being steamed as well. At this point the product is ready to rest for a few days in the cold room before being put on the market. The result is a light and at the same time tasty product.

Which can count on greater softness, a feature that makes it particularly light and easy to taste. As? In different ways. Because cooked speck can be one of the cornerstones of cold cuts and excellent appetizers. But it can also be crumbled in first courses, still giving a more decisive flavor to pasta. While in the case of main courses, a few slices of cooked speck can go very well with particularly tasty meat dishes.


Type of meat: Meat from the European Community

Ingredients: Pork, salt, natural flavors, spices. Sugars: Dextrose, sucrose. Antioxidant: E301 Stabilizers: E450, Preservatives: E250

Allergens: Gluten: NO GMOs: NO Allergens: NO

Nutritional characteristics per 100 g of product: Kjoule/Kcal:529/126; Fat (g): 4.7; of which saturated (g): 2; Carbohydrates (g): 0.7, of which sugars (g): 0; Protein (g): 20; Salt (g): 2.5

Organoleptic characteristics: Colour: light pink. Taste: delicate, slightly smoky taste. Consistency: compact.

Conservation : store in the fridge at +0° +2°C.

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