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Hungarian salami 1.50kg

Hungarian salami 1.50kg

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Description of the Hungarian salami production process: Hungarian salami obtained with a mixture of selected salted and minced pork and beef. After a light smoking it is aged for 4 weeks.

At first superficial reading, Hungarian salami may seem to come directly from the Eastern European country. Instead it is not so. Hungarian salami is a product born and developed in the regions of northern Italy. To be precise, it was born in Friuli, from the province of Pordenone, from where it then spread throughout the then Austro-Hungarian Empire.
This is why this particular type of salami is also so widespread in Trentino, a land that was under Austrian domination for six centuries.
From Friuli this salami then managed to expand into a good part of Europe, finding in Hungary a territory where it is particularly appreciated and used. Hungarian salami is made with one third lean pork, one third pork fat and one third lean beef. All always prepared using quality meats and a procedure that has not changed over the years. The processing, in fact, sees the mixture of meat worked with salt, ground pepper, paprika, crushed garlic and macerated in white wine. Hungarian salami. All the mixture is then stuffed into sausages to obtain a salami of about 60 centimetres. Then we move on to the smoking phase, with the product remaining at least 12 hours in a special room. After smoking for a period of three or four months, the products are left to mature. To conclude, a treatment that allows the Hungarian salami to take on its strong and easily recognizable flavour. Its particular flavor is given above all by the use of sweet paprika. On Trentino tables it is often used in delicious cold cuts and cheeses. Or accompanied by white or black bread. Without forgetting the presence at the table of an excellent wine to drink, especially a red and sparkling wine. But if instead of wine you prefer to accompany the Hungarian salami with beer then the taste of this product is presented as the ideal one anyway. Especially with somewhat structured beers.


Ingredients: Pork and beef, salt; Sugars: dextrose, sucrose; Pepper, Paprika, Garlic; Antioxidant: E301; Preservative: E252,E250.
Allergens: Gluten: NO GMOs: NO Allergens: NO
Nutritional characteristics per 100 g: Kcal 370 Kjoule 1548 Proteins: 23.00% Fats 32.00%
Organoleptic characteristics: Bright red and white grain color Thin-grained dough Taste Typical of cured salami, tasty Compact consistency
Packaging: bulk weighing about 3 kg or half vacuum packed

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