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Local salami (200g)

Local salami (200g)

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Description of the local salametto production process: The local Trentino salametto represents, like its "big brother" local salami, an authentic piece of history of Trentino cuisine. Because over the centuries it represented the salami par excellence on the tables of Trentino farmers. It differs from the local salami only in size, being produced in smaller portions. But maintaining the same quality and the same meticulous preparation. It is made thanks to the union of selected beef and pork, with the addition in some variants of a varying percentage of soft fat. Usually, first choice lean meat is used for this local Trentino salametto, obtained from light pigs. Once the best meats have been chosen, they are mixed and browned in spices.

With the only addition of salt, ground pepper and minced garlic. After being stuffed, the cured meats are hung to mature in a cool place. For a variable period, from forty days up to four months. At that point the product is ready to be packaged and sold. The local Trentino salametto is one of those products that, over time, has known how to spread more and more. Going from being a "poor salami", used as it once was only on peasant tables. To now become a cured meat served on many tables.

The local salami

Also because its use has become increasingly diversified. It can be used as an important accompaniment to meals, lunches or dinners. Serving it as a side dish or, even more frequently, as an appetizer. In fact, the local Trentino salametto represents the perfect dish for making tasty platters. Maybe also accompanied by cheeses and jams. The slices of local salami, in fact, can embellish a platter made of cold cuts and traditional flavours. A solution, that of chopping boards, which can be the perfect answer at different times of the day.

Starting with appetizers, for lunch and dinner, but also usable for tasty snacks or to make aperitifs even more delicious. This is because the local Trentino salametto is further enhanced by the combination with wines. In fact, this cured meat goes well with red wines with a strong taste. Like, for example, Teroldego from Trentino. But it also allows the palate to enjoy a very good combination with some white wines such as, for example, Silvaner or Kerner.


Product typology: Meat of national origin

Ingredients: Pork, beef, salt, spices and garlic. Sugars: sucrose, dextrose. Antioxidant: E301. Preservatives: E250, E252

Nutritional characteristics : per 100 g of product: Kjoule / Kcal: 1352/323; Fats (g): 25; of which saturated (g): 9; Carbohydrates (g): 0.9; of which sugars (g): 0; Proteins (g): 24; Salt(g): 3.7

Conservation: store in the fridge at +0° +2°C

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